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  • Unfairness in Access to Higher Education: A 11 Year Comparison of Grade Inflation by Private and Public Secondary Schools in Portugal

    |Nata, Gil|Pereira, Maria João|Neves, Tiago|

    Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning, v68 n6 p851-874 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • Toward More Joyful Learning: Integrating Play into Frameworks of Middle Grades Teaching

    |Conklin, Hilary G.|

    American Educational Research Journal, v51 n6 p1227-1255 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • The Politics of Education in the Post-"Brown" Era: Race, Markets, and the Struggle for Equitable Schooling

    |Scott, Janelle|Quinn, Rand|

    Educational Administration Quarterly, v50 n5 p749-763 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • The Nature and Development of Critical-Analytic Thinking

    |Byrnes, James P.|Dunbar, Kevin N.|

    Educational Psychology Review, v26 n4 p477-493 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • The Effects of High School Track Choice on Students' Postsecondary Enrollment and Majors in South Korea

    |Shim, Woo-jeong|Paik, Sunhee|

    Asia Pacific Education Review, v15 n4 p573-583 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • The Distorted Looking Glass: Examining How Housing Identity Privilege Obviates the Goals of "Brown v. Board of Education" at 60

    |Gooden, Mark A.|Thompson Dorsey, Dana N.|

    Educational Administration Quarterly, v50 n5 p764-782 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • Primary Teachers' Written Unit Plans in Mathematics and Their Perceptions of Essential Elements of These

    |Roche, Anne|Clarke, Doug M.|Clarke, David J.|Sullivan, Peter|

    Mathematics Education Research Journal, v26 n4 p853-870 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • Leadership for Social Justice: It Is a Matter of Trust

    |Rivera-McCutchen, Rosa L.|Watson, Terri N.|

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  • International Family Profiles and Parental School Choice in Tokyo

    |Velliaris, Donna M.|Willis, Craig R.|

    Journal of Research in International Education, v13 n3 p235-247 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014


  • Interest, Attitudes and Self-Efficacy Beliefs Explaining Upper-Secondary School Students' Orientation Towards Biology-Related Careers

    |Uitto, Anna|

    International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, v12 n6 p1425-1444 Dec 2014, 12/1/2014